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The SemperGreenwall product range consists of 4 green wall systems: SemperGreenwall Indoor, Outdoor, CompactLine and LifeMCC. Each system has its own benefits. SemperGreenwalll Indoor and Outdoor can be designed entirely to your specifications. The SemperGreenwall CompactLine can be placed in any interior space and does not require a technical room. The same applies to the LifeMCC—the Movable Climate Changer—which is also fully mobile and serves as an excellent room divider.

vrijheid in ontwerp met SemperGreenwalls
Vrijheid in ontwerp met SemperGreenwall

to design

When you choose a SemperGreenwall product, you will quickly discover that anything is possible. With the modular Flexipanel system, the green wall for your project can take any desired form, both indoors and outdoors.

technical information

If you need more technical information, click the button below to download the technical drawings for the various SemperGreenwall systems in PDF format.

systeemopbouw SemperGreenwall met Flexipanels
SemperGreenwalls doen het ook goed op grote hoogte

for every situation

Whether you want to install a north-facing exterior green facade in a location with extreme weather conditions, or an interior green wall in a location with limited daylight, our plant experts can advise you on the optimal plant selection for your project. Because our living wall systems are pre-cultivated in our own greenhouse, you can enjoy all the benefits of your SemperGreenwall immediately after installation.

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions about the SemperGreenwalls design options after reading this information, please contact us. Our experts are happy to help you!