Plant Care System

Minimal maintenance with
24/7 web-based monitoring

All SemperGreenwall living wall systems have been developed and composed to highlight the188 金宝搏 greatest qualities. Our design is based on years of experience and the use of our smart Plant Care System, an automated irrigation system that provides the plants with the water and nutrients they need and can be remotely monitored round the clock. The system sends automatic updates to a specially designed app to keep everyone involved with the wall—owner, building manager, maintenance team—continuously informed of the SemperGreenwall’s status.

Plant Care System met vorstbeveiliging

Care and protection
no matter the weather

By monitoring the green façade continuously, the Plant Care System also immediately knows when the plants receive an unusual amount of water or nutrition. The system posts a notification in the app to allow immediate action to be taken. The winter programme also includes built-in frost protection to protect the green wall system from frost damage.

Optimal green wall protection
all year round

The Plant Care System is the beating heart of every SemperGreenwall. The system provides each plant’s roots with sufficient space to grow. The micro-irrigation system also saves nutrients and water, and protects the roots from frost and heat.

In short, the Plant Care System—combined with the carefully selected greenery and materials in our living wall system—minimises plant fall-out and keeps your vertical garden green and healthy all year round.

Advantages of the Plant Care System for green walls